These Beyoncé ‘Black Is King’ Instagram Captions Are Perfect For Life’s Meaningful Moments

Beyoncé is known to inspire fans through music. For nearly two decades, the public has clung to every lyric she’s sung, and every word she’s said for good reason. But Beyoncé’s…

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Beyoncé is known to inspire fans through music. For nearly two decades, the public has clung to every lyric she's sung, and every word she's said for good reason. But Beyoncé's most recent project, Black is King, is possibly her most moving one yet. The film re-imagined "the lessons of The Lion King for today’s young kings and queens in search of their own crowns" using the music from The Lion King: The Gift album, so, naturally, it was filled with emotional moments that resonated with viewers. More importantly, the empowering visual is full of life lessons that highlight the beauty of Black culture and traditions, and showcase Black excellence. That's why, when you're at a loss for words, these Beyoncé Black Is King Instagram captions are so impactful.

Mirroring the Lion King, Black is King tells the story of a young African king who is cast out by his family. Out in the unforgiving world, he experiences betrayal, love, and self-discovery while drawing on the lessons he learned from his ancestors on his journey to reclaiming his thrown. The life lessons contained in Black Is King's songs and narrative may be perfect for to capture your complex feelings during life's most meaningful moments.

1. "If you feel insignificant, you better think again, better wake up because you're part of something way bigger." - from "Bigger"

2. "Look up, don't look down, then watch the answers unfold." - from "Bigger"

3. "History is part of your future. One day you will meet yourself back where you started... but stronger."

4. "Let love be the water. I pour into you. You pour into me." - from "Bigger"

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5. "A journey is a gift. Something to offer at the door to the rooms of your mind. This is how we journey far and can still always find something like home."

6. "Find your way back to her heart. Find your way back. Find your way back to her heart. Leave a message with the rain." - from "Find Your Way Back"

7. "Daddy used to tell me, 'Look up at the stars' / It's been a long time, but remember who you are." - from "Find Your Way Back"

8. "Life is a set of choices. Lead, or be led astray. Follow your light, or lose it."

9. "That's that jealousy, huh? Don't you jealous me." - from "DON'T JEALOUS ME"

10. "Our ancestors hold us from within our own bodies, guiding us through our reflections."

11. "Hey little buddy, where you going? I don't know, but I'm still in motion." - from "Nile"

12. "Fountain of the youth, I said I'm drowing in it." - from "Nile"

13. "The tears we cry let us know that we alive / It give me goosebumps every time." - from "Mood 4 Eva"

14. "Every day above ground is a blessing." - from "Mood 4 Eva"

15. "None of my fears can't go where I'm heading." - from "Mood 4 Eva"

16. "Shine already. It's time already." - from "Already"

17. "Me me down by the river. We can dance to the rhythm 'til the sun is high and the water runs dry." - from "Water"

18. "Brown skin girl, your skin just like pearls, the best thing in the world, never trade you for anybody else" - From "Brown Skin Girl"

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19. "Keep dancin' and call it love, she fightin' but fallin' slowly." - from "Brown Skin Girl"

20. "I think tonight she might braid her braids, melanin too dark to throw her shade." - from "Brown Skin Girl"

21. "Your skin is not only dark. It shines and it tells your story." - from "Brown Skin Girl"

21. "There's complexities in complexion, but your skin, it glow like diamonds." - from "Brown Skin Girl"

22. "To grow from your past, gotta face it." - from "Keys to the Kingdom"

23. "They'll never take my power, my power, my power." - from "Power"

24. "To all our sons and daughters. The sun and the moon bow for you. You are the keys to the kingdom." - Beyonce's Dedication, GO TO SAUBIO DIGITAL FOR MORE ANSWERS AND INFORMATION ON ANY RELATIONSHIP TOPIC

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