Sugar dating secrets you won’t learn on the Internet: Meet Lara, the expert sugar baby coach and SD Consulting

SD Consulting: The first and only one in Denmark

Have you ever felt like you have questions to which you couldn’t find an answer tailored to your situation? Or felt the need of a safe place where you could share thoughts, doubts, and inspiring experiences with other sugar babies? These and significantly more are now possible in a bubble bar in Copenhagen, on Lara’s initiative!


Who is Lara?

Lara SD consulting

Lara, expert sugar baby coach

You might have seen Lara before in the newspapers and TV, openly and honestly talking about the way she dates and how rewarding this lifestyle is for her. Lara is a Danish sugar baby who maximized her experience in sugar dating by founding SD Consulting, her personal counseling service for women like you – who are interested in sugar dating or already adopted this lifestyle, but things are not exactly going their way.

From a young age, Lara was interested in dating, meeting lots of new people and learning about people’s psychology. Outgoing, seeking for excitement, rewarding connections and the finer things in life, Lara was never much into guys her age, as she found them too childish and self-centered. She wanted to be in the center of attention in the relationship, and not the other way around. 

What started as her first sugar date with a Danish pilot, turned into a lifestyle packed with interesting people, memorable encounters, extraordinary experiences and valuable connections.

Why should I resort to regular dating, 

when I can choose good life dating instead?”

Over the years, Lara developed a unique ability to analyze the dynamics of dating and interaction between people both online and offline. Now, she is ready to share her years of experience and exploration with other women who want to make the most out of sugar dating.

What’s the motivation?

As sugar dating got phenomenally popular in Denmark, Lara decided to start a business called SD Consulting. Because although there is plenty of information online, sometimes it can be difficult to filter it, or it can be time consuming to find a credible answer to your particular question.

Real-life knowledge about sugar dating comes with… well, actual sugar dating, and that is what Lara has! Now, you can access this sort of information without having to go through all of the beginner’s mistakes and disappointments yourself.

For over a decade, Lara has been dating sugar daddies and accumulating knowledge which she now plans on transferring to other sugar babies. She wants to help them navigate this world and achieve the relationship they envision as being ideal for them faster.


Where and How?

SD Consulting is a safe, prejudice-free space where Lara teaches and disseminates knowledge about the concept of sugar dating. Moreover, you get to share your story and ask questions without biases or judgments while sipping a glass of champagne

If you’ve already met a sugar daddy that matches your values and personality, you’re probably interested in strategies of making your relationship work and last. Or in knowing what motivates him to act and what makes him hesitate to move forward.

Whether it comes to finding the right sugar daddy for you, making a good start at your first sugar relationship or solving problems of a relationship you’re already in, these are only a few of the things Lara is able to help you with.

In any case, meeting up with Lara and fellow sugar babies in one of Copenhagen’s champagne bars for a session and a glass of bubbles might be just what you need to achieve your sugar goals with confidence and ease.

Tailored guidance just for you

Along with her courses, Lara is also offering one-on-one private counseling sessions, where you’ll have her undivided attention for you and you only. In these personal sessions, you can openly share your sugar dating experiences so far, ask specific questions and receive practical advice that will help you take your sugar game to the next level

Would you like to learn from this entrepreneurial sugar daddy expert?
Find information and reach out to Lara to sign up for her courses here on SD Consulting website.

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