Where To Get Diptyque’s City Candles Collection & Rep Your Fave City’s Scent

Quick storytime: Once, at a bougie lingerie event in New York City, I was snapping bralette flatlays and decided to include the super cute candle on the table in my photo….

Quick storytime: Once, at a bougie lingerie event in New York City, I was snapping bralette flatlays and decided to include the super cute candle on the table in my photo. After, I couldn't help notice that it not only looked amazing, but smelled bomb, too, and when I realized it was a Diptyque candle I'd never seen before, I was shook. It was none other than the brand's special edition New York candle, and I can honestly say it's been on my mind ever since; if you've got a city you simply love to love, you need the scoop on where to get Diptyque's City Candles Collection, because they're about to be available for a super-limited time only.

The reason I hadn't ever seen the New York candle before that night? I had only just moved to NYC, and like all Diptyque's other City Candles, the New York scent is exclusively sold in New York City. All in all, the City Candle lineup includes Hong Kong, Paris, Berlin, New York, Miami, Beverly Hills, Tokyo, Shanghai, and London, and each features special packaging and can be purchased only in its namesake location — that is, until now.

Last year, Diptyque made the City Candles temporarily available online, and I'm thrilled to say they're doing so again:

Courtesy of Diptyque

From Thursday, September 12 through Monday, September 16, all nine City Candles will be available to purchase on the Diptyque website, as well as in-store at most Diptyque locations, for $72 a pop. Hi, I'm screaming! I'm obviously snagging my New York fave, but I fully plan on picking up a few others, based on both city names and pretty packaging.

Each City Candle has a completely unique vibe, and in true Diptyque fashion, the colorways are beyond stunning:

Courtesy of Diptyque

If you're planning to snag a candle or two while they're vaailable online, allow me to walk you through a basic outline of each, so you know which ones you'll love. Buying a scent online can be hard, but the special names and stunning packaging pretty much guarantee you'll love these regardless, so there's really little to no risk in pressing Add To Cart.

My NY fave serves navy and gold speakeasy realness, with notes of cedar wood, vetiver, patchouli, and incense:

Courtesy of Diptyque

The dreamy Paris candle has a teal and rose gold colorway, and the scent itself features notes of chypre accord and lavender:

Courtesy of Diptyque

The Hong Kong candle is a festive metallic red with white detailing, and the scent revolves around the "Hong Kong Orchid Tree," aka the Bauhinia Blakeana:

Courtesy of Diptyque

The Beverly Hills candle's aqua and yellow colorway gives summer vibes all year long, and the scent is a fresh mixture of white flowers, mint, and lemon:

Courtesy of Diptyque

The London candle's packaging is so unique in its silver and purple design, and the notes of heliotrope, lilac, juniper, and hyacinth will transport you to a British flower market in seconds:

Courtesy of Diptyque

I don't like to play favorites, but something about the Miami candle's cool green and white color scheme is just so good. The scent itself contains notes of magnolia blossoms and citrus:

Courtesy of Diptyque

Another gorgeous greenie is the Berlin candle, which smells of linden tree limes and honey:

Courtesy of Diptyque

The red and navy design of the Shanghai candle is so elegant, and the scent features notes of osmanthus flower and green tea:

Courtesy of Diptyque

Last but not least, the white and burnt orange Tokyo candle smells like cypress trees and incense:

Courtesy of Diptyque

If any of these cities holds a special place in your heart (Or, if you're simply in need of some beautiful candles!) be sure to visit the Dyptique website or any of the brand's boutiques between September 12 and 16 to snag them while supplies last.

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