When Bringing Your Partner On A Group Trip With Friends For The First Time, Remember These 7 Things

Whether you and your pals go on a trip every spring or you’re planning an outing with a new circle — you may be feeling a little intimidated about bringing your…

If you're taking your partner on a trip with your friends, you don't need to feel pressure to get it on for the whole trip. It's OK to treat your partner like a friend, to want to keep the sexy stuff on the DL, to wear old leggings for a week, and just enjoy everyone's company. It's OK to wear your ugly underwear that's comfy or to eat Popeye's at midnight with you hands. It's obviously always OK to do this, but if you're with your friends, you can let your boo see your friend-side, too. It's also OK to want to keep it flirty and romantic. It's your vacay.

When it comes to bringing your partner on a trip with your friends, you can do whatever feels right for you. From talking to them before about who is coming to setting some time for food and naps, sometimes a little pre-planning can nip potential travel stress in the bud. You don't need to trip about having the best vacation ever to have a wonderful group trip with your boo.

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