What Can an Online Dating Coach Do for You?

While online dating has made meeting new partners easier, it’s not exactly a bed of roses. In one survey, 45% of Americans who have used a dating app or site ended up more frustrated than hopeful. 

If you are one of these people, this shouldn’t mean that you should throw digital dating to the wayside. There is still hope when you seek the services of an online dating coach.

What Does an Online Dating Coach Do?

As this professional specializes in online dating, such a coach can help you with the following:

  • Create a better online profile (or audit an existing one)
  • Suggest relationship matches
  • Respond to messages, even the more cryptic ones

While digital dating coaches can do these for their clients, some can also simply assist them. This is especially good for people who want to be empowered by learning expert dating tips firsthand.

Although such services are provided professionally, an online dating coach goes way beyond by giving a personal touch. He’s there before the first date, and he’s still there to keep the customer’s spirits high after a bad date. 

In some cases, coaches can help their clients find the optimism and confidence they need for effective dating. 

How Do You Undergo Online Dating Coaching?

Like traditional coaching, online dating lessons can be delivered through Skype or one-on-one calls.

Some offer webinars, while others entertain email inquiries. Some even host virtual brunches, where coaches and clients interact virtually with other customers.

What are the Benefits of Online Dating Coaching? 

Are you thinking of giving an online dating coach a try? These advantages should convince you to sign up for such a service.

Immediate Response

While an online dating coach is no licensed therapist, he can provide tactical relationship advice almost immediately. 

Coaches usually provide round-the-clock service, giving you your much-needed words of wisdom even at the wee hours of the morning. 

Better Dating Profile

As mentioned, an online dating coach can help you make the best profile possible. He can do this by assisting you in composing excellent content. 

While your profile picture is just as important, what you have to say can help you reel in quality dates. 

Remember, there are many good-looking people out there, but only a few can come up with an attractive profile. 

Improved Communication Skills

While it’s easier to talk to new people online, you may not be nailing it. This is especially the case for people who recently got out of long-term relationships, as they have been out of the loop for the longest time. 

A great thing about an expert coach is that he can get you right back on the dating saddle. By giving you insights into the current dating scene, he can help you communicate and act better with your new matches.

More Courage and Confidence

For all this time, ladies are used to men making the first move. But in this modern day and age, women can do this, too! 

An online dating coach can help you build up the courage and confidence to ask people out. This often reaps well in the end, as many quality men are waiting for ladies to sweep them off their feet, too!

New Dating Opportunities

Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge are overtly popular, that’s why many people use them. Online dating coaches, however, can present you with new apps that are worth trying. 

One good example is The League, which is used to be exclusive to Ivy Leaguers. If you’re looking for smart and driven partners, experts recommend trying this one. 

Another option is Cheekd, which makes use of Bluetooth technology to connect with single people around you. Talk about an immediate personal and digital connection. 

By introducing you to newer and even better dating platforms, a digital dating coach can help you expand your horizons. 

A Second Look

Many people are guilty of not having second dates because of certain things, like their date’s beliefs or quirks. Online dating coaches, however, can give this a close second look. 

He can analyze the event to see if the date deserves another chance. Maybe it’s the opportunity that the couple needs! 

How Much Does Online Dating Coaching Cost?

Prices depend on the service being rendered. 

For example, three-month coaching services are the most expensive at $2,500 to $3,000 per subscription. Profile audits can range from $49 to $99. Text consultancies cost about $25 for the first two weeks, while online dating chat platforms charge $1 for every minute of service.

Online dating coaching may be quite pricey, but it’s all worth it. After all, a coach can help you achieve true love – and that’s just priceless. 

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