These Stick-On Face Jewels, Gems, & Nail Art Are Coming For Your Selfies

It’s safe to say there’s no such thing as too much sparkle, especially if you’re trying to take a fire selfie and considering the fact that we’ve all been stuck inside…

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It’s safe to say there’s no such thing as too much sparkle, especially if you’re trying to take a fire selfie and considering the fact that we’ve all been stuck inside for an eternity and need all the happiness we can get. While face bedazzling never truly left fashion, it was on the decline for a few years. That’s over now, with all the face gems taking over your TV screen and Instagram feeds. There are so many variations of stick-on face jewels and nail art out there, nothing’s stopping you from looking like you just stepped out of a pool of diamonds.

You likely remember early iterations of this trend from the ’90s and early aughts, and then again at the height of Euphoria makeup. Now, according to Instagram’s first digital ‘zine, titled Instagram Insider: Fashion and Beauty Issue, face decals are probably gonna stick around for a while. “People boost their moods instantly with stick-on embellishments,” read the post, surrounded by a collage of Instagram users in very maximalist glam. Face gems’ first wave of popularity came in the ’90s with stars like Gwen Stefani and Bjork. Since then, the glittery accessories became something most people only wore at raves or musical festivals.

After all these months of being indoors and wearing loungewear, it’s not shocking that people are being drawn to more eye-catching and grandiose looks. If you want to achieve the dripping-in-jewels look from your head to your finger tips, search no further than the stick-on face gems, nail art, and more below.

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ColourPop’s Face Jewels Set ($24, ColourPop) has all the stick-ons you need. There are options for crystal eyeliner looks, a selection of individual stones to dot wherever you please, and even hearts and stars for more whimsical looks.

Complicated nail art is all the rage, but it can be expensive to go to the salon every time you want a new set. That’s where Olive and June’s Feeling Groovy ($8, Olive and Jane) nail stickers come in. They’re easy to use and allow you to customize your nails in no time at all.

For those who want their gems to really stand out, Shrine’s Unicorn Jewels ($5, Shrine) really pack a punch with their iridescence. As each section is a single jewel sticker, you can just peel off the entire bit and place it all at once — no need to worry about every single gem’s placement.

Don’t let your face have all the fun; Dashing Diva’s Just A Little Bling ($6, Dashing Diva) brings 3-D shimmer to your nails. There are 17 stickers, so you can get a totally unique manicure on your own and from your home.

Kendall Jenner did it first, but tooth gems are now must-try items. Although these gems don’t last more than a few weeks, they’ll make your smile really sparkle. Just make sure you approach this one as safely as possible.

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To recreate Hunter Schafer’s iconic pearl look for Variety, you’ll need Gem On’s Face Jewels ($6, BH Cosmetics). Pearls are chic and timeless, so get ready to feel ultra classy with these dotting your face.

Of course, you could also just go full-on Jules with Euphoria makeup designer Donni Davy’s Head in the Clouds ($18, A24 Films) face lace. Sadly, these decals are sold out for the time being, but there is a restock in the works. Available in two colorways, you can go for a duotone iridescent set or a silvery glitter set.

With five sheets of nail and face decals, you can pull off so many matchy-matchy looks with Super Small’s Sticker Booklet ($15, Super Smalls). Although the stickers are sold just for nails, the model shows off how cute they’ll look all over your cheeks, too., GO TO SAUBIO DIGITAL FOR MORE ANSWERS AND INFORMATION ON ANY RELATIONSHIP TOPIC

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