The Choice of Love

A girl named Jessie met a guy in his street and they both started becoming close friends and from there they both started falling in love with each other, the guy’s name was Ben. The two love themselves but the guy haven’t for one day tell the girl his mind or tell her that he love her.

This their friendship continued just like that till the girl got admission into high institution and this my guy still haven’t tell her that he love her. As the girl was schooling she meet another guy who loved her and the guy too started coming close to her, the guy name is Chris.

When Chris now became more close to her too the girl fall in love with Chris, but that didn’t change the love she has for Ben. Then one day Chris as a guy man and sharp guy who can’t hide his feelings open up to Jessie that he love her, and Jessie accepted to be her friend and they both now became lovers.

But during that week Ben now open up to Jessie that he loved her and she don’t know how to say ”NO” to him and she accepted and they both started dating too. When Chris found out that she is cheating on him, he asked her who Ben is to her and she lied to her that is nothing, and due to that he became angry and started monitoring her badly to the extent that he lost his trust that he has for her.

All this characters of Chris makes Jessie to begin fall in love more with Ben. When they finish schooling and graduate, Jessie didn’t take him as anything but instead he takes Ben more serious. But that still don’t change the love Chris has for her and that also don’t make Jessie to open her mouth and tell him to go instead they continue like that as cat and dog but there is still love.

When Ben proposed to her she was very happy and told her parents and they are happy too but as their religion may have it, that before a man or a woman from their church will marry any person, they will first do consultation first to know if the person is the right one for them.

So after the consultation it happen that, Ben was not chosen for her and it was Chris instead and she became angry and cried bitterly. Complaining that the guy that was chosen can’t be made for him, when Ben heard this he was full with tears but nothing can be done on it, than to leave Jessie. But Jessie found it hard to leave him.

The Choice of Love

One day Ben met Chris face to face and they both discuss as a men. And Ben promise to leave Jessie for him, so Chris now took Jessie on a vacation where they stayed for months and then came back. When they returned, Ben called Chris and gave him, his wedding invitation card and they both were happy and discussed as men. When Chris reached home he kept the card somewhere secret for Jessie not to see it.

In the morning of the wedding day, Ben sent a group message about his wedding to all in his contact including Chris and Jessie. When Jessie saw that message, she started crying and decided to go for the wedding and Chris now said this to her with tears.

“My dear so after all this while am still not worthy of your love, so you still prefer to be with Ben than me, well no problem if that is what you choose I won’t stop you but just know that as you step out of this door to go for the person that is your true love just remember to count me off from your life. Although I love you but I can’t bear to see you still go for him.”

Jessie after hearing this words of Chris was touched and beg him to forgive and Chris came close to her and held her round his arms. Although they two where later happy married couples’

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