The 5 Best Airtight Containers

You’d think that picking out a solid food container is pretty straightforward. But there are actually several factors that go into finding the best airtight containers. The good news is that…

You’d think that picking out a solid food container is pretty straightforward. But there are actually several factors that go into finding the best airtight containers. The good news is that I’ve done all the research for you and put together a list of some of the top selections out there. Before you skim through, there are a few key considerations to think about.

First, look at the lid. This is one of the most important considerations because it’s what determines a container’s freshness. Push-down style lids aren’t typically the best, though there are exceptions. Usually, it’s better to go with a lid that snaps down, clamps on, or otherwise locks into place. When possible, it helps to read reviews to see what others say about how airtight the lid is (and I’ve got you covered there with my picks below).

Next, think about the material. This has an enormous impact on the quality of your containers. Look for materials that are strong and durable, like Zylar, acrylic, or polypropylene, so the canister doesn’t crack or break — even better if it’s something nonporous, like borosilicate glass, as that means it won’t absorb odors and tastes.

Once you’ve considered these factors, also think about the smaller details, like whether you want containers that stack neatly in your pantry or something attractive that you can leave out on your counter.

With that in mind, check out the best airtight containers below to find the best fit for your kitchen.

1. The Overall Best

2. The Most Versatile

Snapware Tempered Glasslock Storage Containers (10-Piece)

On top of being a fantastic option for dry goods, like rice, oats, and pasta, this versatile storage container set is also great for liquid items, thanks to their leak-proof, snap-lock lids. They containers are made from high-quality tempered glass that’s safe to use in the freezer, oven, dishwasher, and microwave. Numerous reviewers mention how strong they are, as well as what a great job they do of not absorbing odor. One reviewer wrote, “I have dropped [it] on counter and it surprised me that it did not chip or shatter.”

3. The Most Durable

Bellemain Airtight Acrylic Canister Set (4-Piece)

More than a dozen fans on Amazon have pointed out how durable these airtight storage containers are — several of whom said they dropped one on the ground and it didn’t shatter. This toughness is due to the top-grade acrylic plastic, which looks just like glass (aka smooth and transparent) but is less prone to cracking or breaking. The clamp-down design features a silicone gasket with a sturdy metal latch that not only keeps food fresh but keeps out bugs and other kitchen pests, too.

4. The Most Attractive

Sweetzer & Orange Glass Food Storage Containers (4-Piece)

If you’re searching for food containers that aren’t just practical but attractive enough to leave on your countertop, this food canister set is just the ticket. Not only are the canisters super durable and great at keeping food fresh, but they also feature tough borosilicate glass and stylish bamboo lids. The lids come feature antibacterial properties, so you won’t be contending with mildew or odor, and although they’re the push-down type (rather than snap-lock), fans say they nevertheless work really well. “They look beautiful on my counter and keep my food sealed air tight,” wrote one reviewer. “Would definitely recommend!”

5. The Best Value

Gourmia GEC9795 Airtight Food Storage Containers (3-Piece)

For foodies on a budget, this set of affordable kitchen storage containers makes a wonderful selection. It’s cheaper than some of the other choices, yet the containers still do a great job of keeping your food fresh, according to Amazon users. They have a sleek, low-profile design that doesn’t take up much space, and they’re easily stackable, too. The plastic is BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and sturdy. Best of all, they come in two sizes, so you can pick the option that’s customized just for your kitchen setup.

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