The 3 Best Portable Blenders For Travel

While setting off on a trip can be exciting, dealing with a new environment and foods you may not usually eat can also be stressful. Luckily, it’s easy to pack the…

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While setting off on a trip can be exciting, dealing with a new environment and foods you may not usually eat can also be stressful. Luckily, it's easy to pack the best portable blenders for travel with loads of fresh ingredients to keep your energy sky-high as you head out for the day.

But before you buy, you'll want to consider the size and capacity of a blender. Sure, if you're traveling, you'll want to keep it small enough to pack into your luggage, but that doesn't mean you need to skimp on your liquids. Some travel blenders can make up to 18 ounces of juice or smoothies so you can sip throughout the day. The downside? They're a little bigger and heavier than other options. On the other hand, if you're after just one small smoothie per day, you can invest in a more compact, lightweight blender that's easy to carry.

Another thing to keep in mind is your blender's power source. If you know you'll be on the go for long periods, you may want to look into a battery-operated blender that can go longer between charges. But if you'll be back in your hotel room for at least a couple hours each evening, a corded or USB-charging blender should work out just fine.

But to help your decision, now presenting: The best portable blenders for travel.

1The Best Overall, All Things Considered

PopBabies Personal Rechargeable Blender


If you're in the market for a blender you can take virtually anywhere, this pastel-colored rechargeable blender by PopBabies can go the distance. Weighing a little over 1 pound, this little unit can blend up to 14 ounces of everything from ice, frozen fruits, and nuts while you're out and about. Just tap the button and you have fresh juice or a smoothie within 20 seconds. It comes with lithium batteries and a USB charger so you can use it while you're out or back at your hotel room. Plus, this updated version can actually blend while it's charging, unlike some other portable options. Bonus: It also comes with a funnel and ice cube tray, and all the materials are BPA free and approved by the FDA.

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What fans say: "This is awesome! I purchased it to take along on our cruise. It is small and compact to travel with. I had it fully charged and [I] used it twice a day and did not have to charge it during our 7 day cruise."

2The Runner-Up: A High-Powered Blender With Multiple Cups

Ninja Fit Personal Blender


Not only can this powerful portable blender by Ninja blend up nutrient-rich smoothies in seconds, but it also offers multiple cups, lids, and accessories to make it even easier to take them on the go. Just snap on a 16-ounce cup and blend away. Then, carefully release it from the blender and seal it off with a lid. With two cups and lids, you can make multiple smoothies to drink throughout the day, or even make breakfast for your travel partner. And, this blender comes with a recipe book so you can change up your juice or smoothie based on which produce is available while you travel. The only downside? While this blender has a 700-watt motor that can whip up your ingredients in a flash, it also weighs 7 pounds and needs to be plugged in, which makes it slightly less versatile.

What fans say: "We bought this little guy specifically for travel as we have a big Ninja for home use. It certainly fills the bill! It's small, easy to clean and you can drink right from the canister, so no need for additional glasses."

3The Most Affordable: A Tiny Blender You Can Charge Via USB

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Shentianmei Portable Blender


If you're looking for a more budget-friendly option, this portable blender with USB charger is the perfect introduction to blending on the go. Made with six extra-sharp blades, this little unit can mince just about any fruit or vegetable in a flash. And at only 1 pound, it's easy to tuck it into a backpack (or even a big purse) while you're traveling. When you're finished blending, just plug in the USB charger so it's ready to go again in the morning. One note? Several reviewers mention how important it is not to overfill the cups or the blades will get caught.

What fans say: "So [convenient], i can carry with me to make any fruit or protein smoothies anywhere anytime. After 3 hour of fully charger, it can make about 10-12 cup of juice of smoothies."

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