Signs of a Fake Friend

Signs of a Fake Friend

Signs of a fake friend for you, so if you worried about a friend that you are with weather it is your love or just a partner. then don’t think again on the issue because I will explain thing to you so that you will know the type of friend you are with. So without wasting much of your time let me go straight to the point about what you are here for. Below are the signs for you to know if your partner or your friend is pretending or for you to know if he or she is not what he said he is.

Signs Of a Fake friend

  1. Fake friends are close to you only when it is convenient for them

Anybody of any friend who call you or visit you when he/she needs something or when there is a problem then know that the person is fake because if there is no problem you won’t hear from them. so take note of that friend who only call you when he/she is in need of any problem especially the problem he/she knows that you can solve.

  1. They request for favor frequently

This one appears in two ways, it depends on how they appear, let say you have a friend who always request for a favor always then know that the person is fake. Sometimes a friend who is fake may have intension or the person want to request something big from you, the person will not do that straight but will start with small requests till he/she ask for the big one and when they get that they leave. So take note of this signs of fake friend to avoid mistake.

  1. They disappear when you need them

This one is simple, let say that you have a friends who is never available when you need them, or that you have a friend who don’t help or who always tell you stories each time you need their help even on a little thing you know that the person can do for you, then know that the person is not a real friend.

  1. If the person never gets mad or upset

Most people never know this especially women when they meet a guy and no matter what they do they guy never tend to be mad or angry with them. They think that is a sign that the guys truly love them but the truth is this. Anyone who never gets upset or angry with you is a fake friend just know that, because anyone who is a fake person have zero emotions why anyone who is a real person get mad and upset and feel passion or get pissed off, and nobody is 100% happy and smiling all the time, so don’t be deceive. This is also one of the main signs of a fake friend.

  1. The person make plan he/she cannot keep

If you have a friend and the person always make plan to visit or to have dinner or a date with you and when the time comes for the person to do so as plan, the person will not call and will not visit then know that he is a fake friends because if he/she cannot make it as plan, he/she will try to at least call to inform you about it. So if you have a friend who is doing so know that the person is a fake friend.

Signs of a Fake Friend

  1. Fake friend don’t listen to you when you talk

If you have a friend who never listen to you whenever you two are talking then know that the person is fake because someone who cares or who is a true person will always listen to you when you talk and will also make positive response on the discussion. But that one who is fake never pay attention and at times will talk off points just for you to change topic, so please don’t bother to try to make the person listen because he/she won’t do so.

  1. The person exaggerate and lie

Anyone or a friend who always repeat the same stories to you always each time you talk especially the stories on self promotions. Then know that they person is fake because if you try to verify the stories you will see that none of them is true. So just know that the person is not a real friend and is not good to be with such person.

  1. Their body language speaks more

If you are with a friend and each that you are with that person look closely to how their body react or the body language of that your friend you are with. If you notice through their body language that the person is uncomfortable staying with you, then know that the person is fake.

  1. Fake friend never get involved in a conversation, coffee date and hang-outs

Any friend who never invites you anywhere. Instead the person will hang-out with others and the persons never bother or think of engaging you into the friendship then know that he is a fake friend. All these are Signs of a Fake Friend.


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