Perfect Tense uses Artificial Intelligence

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Perfect Tense uses Artificial Intelligence


perfect tense

This is the year when Google has never been better at punishing poor quality content. We probably don’t need to remind you about all the various animal named updates that have made it nearly impossible to rank without high quality content.

These updates have hit the websites and web pages that have the poorest quality content the hardest. This is where Perfect Tense comes into play to help alleviate the problems that google throws up in the face of anyone that provides written content online.

Today, I want to talk to you about a new tool called Perfect Tense that will take your content and turn it into the type of content Google will go crazy over. I’m talking that this will help make sure that your content is the best it can be before you ever hit publish or send.



Here’s how it works. Perfect Tense uses Artificial Intelligence to understand the context and meaning of text, allowing it to identify and correct thousands of mistakes automatically.

From simple typos to complex grammatical issues like verb agreement and determiner misuse, Perfect Tense will find and correct errors to improve your content instantly. What it is designed to do is find and fix errors so you don’t have to worry about them.

So here’s a fact, Google’s algorithms specifically target content and it looks for the best quality to deliver to its search engine and will penalize sites with errors. Perfect Tense automatically fixes those mistakes, and is designed to correct your grammar specifically so Google views it as high quality.

Whether you’re writing emails or posting to your blog or website, Perfect Tense will help you to make sure your content is error-free and ready to use and publish on what ever online platform you are using.

This solution is tailored to help everyone, from the individual home based online blogger or marketer, to small or large companies and can help eliminate those industry-specific mistakes. Embed this Context-based intelligence AI powered grammer and spell checker on your site and every user on your site can eliminate mistakes without having to download or sign-up for anything.

Perfect Tense’s artificial intelligence uses context to identify mistakes ranging from simple typing errors and complex subjunctive issues.

  • Simple installation – intuitive correction.

  • Thoughtful design – that is minimalist

  • Intuitive workflow – efficient way to proofread and fix text

  • Context-based intelligence – identify mistakes, error’s and issues


Editor Support

Compatible with most plain text and rich text editors. This includes content-editables like, plain text, CKeditor, TinyMCE, Draft.JS, Telerik, Froala, Quill CKeditor 5 and a few more.

Main stream Browser Compatibility Built in so it will suit most systems

And if you have several people offering you content and you want them all to be super stars then going big is for you.


Enterprise features

Security For clients who require an extra layer of privacy and security, we offer a zero data retention policy, which prevents the storage of even anonymized data.

Efficiency at scale, Whether you need an SLA or have specific usage and throughput requirements, Perfect Tense can support and scale with your needs.

Custom design and development
They work with enterprise customers to develop and implement custom CSS and functionality to tailor Perfect Tense to your specific needs.

Medical solution Perfect Tense offers a HIPAA compliant medical solution tailored to help companies eliminate industry-specific mistakes.


What’s even better is that they are offering an absolutely free 5 day trial Click Here so you can see for yourself how Perfect Tense can improve your content and help you rank higher.