Not just another free dating site: 4 features to look for in an online dating service 2020

Navigating a massive volume of dating sites and apps out there can be confusing or even frustrating at times. What are the features you should be looking for in a free dating site to maximize your chances of finding someone you’ll like? And what are the warning signs you should watch out for? To assist you in your online dating journey, we’ve laid out a few tips that will help you decide on your next step.

🧍 Authentic profile photos

How do you spot a catfish? Well, usually, the first warning sign is an overly-edited profile picture. You know, where you can barely see a person behind all the filters, stickers and adjustments. It can be even as obvious as a photo of a celebrity. Or a photo of… something else. That is the reason why all incoming profile photos are checked manually at SugarDaters. A reliable dating site will have a policy to prevent random profile pictures and will do everything in their power to ensure that the person you think you’re chatting with is actually that person.

📜 Genuine profile texts 

We can all agree that after you glanced at someone’s profile picture, the next thing that meets your eye is their profile text, which is a little sneak-peek into their personality. It’s the profile text that helps you decide whether you could be interested in chatting up this person or not. Also, an elaborate and descriptive profile text is a good indicator of a genuine and authentic profile. If a person takes their time to tell a little about themselves, it means they have serious intentions of finding a date.

For this reason, profile texts that are very short and don’t say anything about the person or what they’re looking for, are rejected at SugarDaters and don’t appear on the site. Which means you will only browse a carefully curated pool of profiles – the boring task of filtering out the non-descriptive ones is already done.

🔒 Your and your data’s security

These days, a good dating site has to understand the importance of the security of your data. On SugarDaters, you have an option to be anonymous, and if you choose to delete your account, ALL your data is irreversibly wiped out of our system.

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💬 Responsive and helpful customer support

There’s no such thing as silly questions. A good customer service means that the company understands the value you bring to their business, and they will respond to any question you may have and help you with any issue, big or small, in a timely manner. They will assist you with patience and empathy until the problem is fixed. Also, make sure that the dating site you’re on has an easy and convenient way to report anything you believe it’s not right.

SugarDaters are proud to tick all the boxes above ✔️

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