Normal discharge time of a woman

Normal discharge time of a woman is a discharge in woman who menstruate. It can begin as early as a few months before your first menstruation period starts in adolescence. It generally goes off after menopause. It's a discharge that every woman should see in her vagina.

Vaginal discharge is the passage of fluid and cells from woman’s body. The production of vaginal discharge varies from individuals, and can change in consistency and appearance depending on many factors.
There are factors that are capable of changing the appearance of vagina discharge, and those factors are-.

Menstruation cycle

Infections and hormonal imbalance can change the color of the discharge you may have, .

Note, healthy vaginal discharge appears clear or white in color and has a slight odor, but not one that is strong smelling.
Can leave a yellowish tint on your underwear.

"Normal discharge time of a woman"

Changes on your menstrual cycle

During menstruation, your body releases an egg from your ovary, and you may notice that your virginal discharges a thicker fluid. That change in discharge may indicate peak fertility times.

Changes during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, your body may produce more vaginal discharge than usual. You will be noticing that your vagina disposes fluid. But at the age of menopause, you will notice that it will produce little or no discharge again, reason is because you are not ovulating again, and estrogen levels have shifted.

Normal discharge of a woman is a discharge which every woman is bound to see in her body, vagina precisely. It can be colorless, milky and white, but when you started seeing the unusual discharge in your vagina please see your doctor for consultation.

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"Normal discharge time of a woman"

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