How To Think Before You Speak

It’s all about how to think before you speak which says “a wise man is known by his words, while a foolish man is also known by his words”. A fool is said to be wise when he keeps mute or shuts his mouth during a conversation.

The mouth is an agent of good and bad, it can destroy, amend, settle, separate, hurt and heal. The words you say can either bring peace or cause havoc, conflict or malice, it can also break or mend someone’s heart. Speaking without thinking has brought a lot of irreversible disaster and dispute. Marriages are broken because of words, best friends are separated because of words and homes are in shambles because of speaking without thinking.

It has been discovered over the years that those who speak before they think, tends to have more enemies than those who think before they speak.
Words are the only thing you cannot take back once it’s been spoken or said. Words wrongly spoken move faster than actions and goes deeper than wound. At times, you may ask yourself, am I rreally the one that said this? Did these words came out of my mouth? Or I never mean to hurt you.

So in order not to hurt someone’s feeling with words, one should be mindful of what he says and think before you speak.

These are how and what to think before you speak.

1) You have to ask yourself, what am about to say, what will be the result of it, that is what is the outcome of that word when it’s been spilt out. Then if you could ask yourself this question, you will discover that you have to think before you speak.

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2) You have to ask yourself if the words you want to say will be a solution or a problem. Then if the answer to this question is that it will cause proy, you better not say a word.

3)You have to ask yourself if the words you want to say will hurt or heal. Then if the answer is negative and is of a must that you have to say it, look for a better way to present it so it doesn’t hurt.

4)Think about the disadvantages and the advantages of the words you about to say. If the disadvantages are more than the advantages, then keep mute, because there is no gain in that word.

5) Think of how best to present your words or speech. Sometimes we have good intentions or we want to express our feelings genuinely, but present it wrongly. People don’t ask you what your intentions are, they are more interested in what came out of you like your actions and words.The way we say each word that comes out of our mouth matters a lot. So think whenever you want to present an issue, case or speak to people to avoid been misinterpreted.

Think Before You Speak


Knowing the dangers behind speaking without thinking will help you think well before you speak. Knowing that thinking before you speak will save you and people around you a lot of harm.

HURT: Speaking without thinking can hurt someone, even though you said sorry after the hurt, the truth still remains that the harm has been done. Some people are tired of you saying sorry each time you vomit words without thinking. So it’s better to think, than hurting and saying sorry, because not every wound that sorry heals.

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MALICE: This can also bring about malice. You will get to found out that someone is keeping malice with you as a result of what you have said to the person.

HATRED: It causes hatred. There are some unpleasant words that when spoken keeps ringing on in the person’s mind or heart and before you could know it, it leads to hatred.

FIGHT: The words you said to someone without thinking can lead to a terrible fight between you and the person or between the person and another person.

SEPARATION: This has separated many close friends and family. When you ask them, they will tell you that it was the word that so so person said that led to the separation.

ANGER: Someone who is happy with you can automatically be angry with you as a result of what you told him or her.

MISUNDERSTANDING: The words you said can bring misunderstanding depending on the way you said it or the way is been presented.

UNFORGIVENESS: Bad or wrong words are one thing that are hard to forget or can never be forgotten. You will hear a person saying, I can’t forgive you over what you told me. Sometimes, this linger for years.

BITTERNESS: Speaking without thinking.makes the heart bitter, and sometimes givess the person being spoken to, sleepless nights.

SUICIDE: It can also lead to suicide or murder. The words you told someone without thinking can make the person to commit suicide out of the frustration from those words.


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