Do you think past relationship secrets should always be kept hidden?

Do you think past relationship secrets should always be kept hidden?

As you are in a relationship, you have known your partner and your partner have also known you, there are so many past relationships secrets that has lead so many partners into problems or suspect, or even separation. But we are here to clear that doubts in you, but before that, there are few questions you will ask yourself first and that question will lead you to your answer.

Those questions are.-

  • Should I forget about past and move on?

The idea of confessing your past relationship secrets to your new partner is very good, but first ask yourself if the secret is so big and so terrible that it might end your new relationship? Will it make your new partner to start feeling different about you?

If any of the above is likely, then what is the point of saying it? Your new relationship is exactly what you will be after. It’s a fresh start, a new beginning. No need to complicate it with tales of the past. It won’t serve you and it probably won’t serve your other half either. Instead of saying something that will cause problem in your relationship, it’s better you keep it to yourself, and move on with your life and never try to go back to that mistake again in your life. Before you say something, first check if you are comfortable with it.

Perhaps you feel like sharing it with someone, do that with your friend that you can trust very well, who won’t judge you, not a gossip.

  • Can I be able to live with this secret?

If you ask yourself this question and you noticed that the past is hurting you and one-day you partner may hear it from another person, then there is no need of you hiding it. It is better that your partner hears it from you than to hear it from another person. But before then, you have to know your partner and what he or she is capable of, know when to tell him or her, whether through a serious conversation or through joke. Make sure that your partner can handle that. And explain every detail to him or her, and you will be surprised that he or she will even help you come through that.

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You see that it is good to tell your new partner about you old relationship secret in order to know you well and also to hear it directly from your you than finding it out somewhere, but when your secret is too terrible and you have changed to a better person, I don’t think it’s necessary to tell your partner about that, because he or she may not understand it the way it is and it may end up ending your relationship, unless that past is taunting you and coming back to you.

You as a person, what do you say about hiding your past life to your new partner, is it right or wrong with reasons.

Feel free to share your own view on this.



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