10 Ways To Celebrate Pride If You’re Quarantining Alone

Pride Month is one of the most amazing times of the year. If you’ve ever been to a Pride parade, you know there’s nothing quite like the feeling of acceptance and…

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A very meaningful way of celebrating Pride is to become more politically engaged so that you can help shape the future for queer people. If you think being stuck at home is a barrier to becoming politically active, think again, because to contribute during quarantine. First thing's first: Make sure you're registered to vote and regularly check back to ensure you're still on the voter rolls. (Voter purges are a thing.) Research your local candidates to see who supports the LGBTQ+ community and phone bank for them. And for those who aren't doing everything they can to promote equality for all, use your voice to put pressure on them. Encourage people to do the right thing by calling and emailing their reps. You can also donate to various queer causes that are already in the fight, like the Human Rights Campaign, The Transgender Law Center, The Trevor Project, or The National Black Justice Fund.

While Pride is definitely packed with fun activities that take place during the month, at its core, it's really about celebrating who you, and the people you love, truly are. That's ultimately something that can be done just as well in a crowd of one as it can in a crowd of thousands. Happy and safe Pride, everyone!

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