10 Best Headsets for Video Chats and Conference Calls

Since the current circumstances have compelled us to work from home, it has become even more crucial that you choose the best headset for your video chats and conference calls. Poor…

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While it’s true that mechanical keyboards are extensively used by hardcore gamers, they aren’t the only ones who find mechanical keyboards appealing. Whether you are a programmer, transcriber, or an individual who often posts on websites such as Reddit, a mechanical keyboard can immensely improve typing speed.

Furthermore, as a frequent typist, you’d be aware of the wrist pains that arise due to those long typing sessions. A majority of mechanical keyboards incorporate wrist rests; thus, you can say adios to those throbbing wrist pains.

To fulfill our pledge of serving you, we have taken the liberty of shortlisting the best mechanical keyboards. These mechanical keyboards would definitely one-up whatever keyboard you are currently using and provide you with the best typing experience. 

Why You Should Trust Us

Our list incorporates such distinctive and unique mechanical keyboards that clearly stand out from the rest of the keyboards. These keyboards are incredibly ergonomic and feature a splash-proof design.

Furthermore, the keys installed in the said keyboards promote fast typing and include LED backlights, enabling you to even type in the dark.

In general, our handpicked mechanical keyboards are highly durable, with some of them enjoying their fair share of glory as being multi-award winning mechanical keyboards. Therefore, before you purchase a keyboard, trust our judgment, and go through the list that we have collated.

Rest assured that if you buy a keyboard that is mentioned on our list, it will cater to all your typing needs, and you’ll not be disappointed. 

1. Redragon K552

Redragon provides keyboards for typing faster and is one of the big companies to supply these. As such, they have a large reputation for providing quality keyboards.

Some of the core features of the K552 is the LED backlighting of the keyboard and the ergonomic designs. As a result, this keyboard is comfortable for your wrist and you can see the keys with ease regardless of how dark it gets.


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2. Razer BlackWidow

Razer has been producing computer keyboards that have several awards over the years and this happens to be one. This one in particular is known for its durability and Razer Chroma technology which backlit keys.

It’s also built for speed due to the tactile bump and audible click features for the keys. There is also the benefit of having an extra five macro keys.

Get this keyboard.

3. Logitech Orion

Looking for the fastest mechanical keyboard for typing with RGB lighting? One good contender is Logitech’s Orion. This keyboard is built to have a 25 percent faster actuation.

Beyond that, this keyboard has been given the same kind of Logitech treatment as its other keyboards. It has easily accessible buttons to control audio sound, mute, pause, and play buttons and 9 programmable G-Keys.

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4. Razer Ornata


Another notable Razer keyboard for your CPU is the Ornata. It comes with high-performance mecha-membrane switches that provide the tactile feedback of mechanical key press. It also has a wrist rest to your hands while typing for prolonged periods.

All in all, if you want to learn how to type faster, you need a comfortable keyboard and this is one of the best mechanical keyboards to provide that.

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5. Razer Cynosa

While the Razer Ornata is fantastic for comfort, going for Razer’s Cynosa keyboard is a great decision as well. It’s rated as one of the best mechanical keyboards in the US, considering it’s a bestseller.

It’s also a sturdy one, able to support buttons clicking upwards of 80 million and comes with a 2-year warranty.

Get this keyboard.

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6. Redragon K556

Another good contender for a mechanical keyboard in a compact format is Redragon’s K556. Similar to other Redragon keyboards, this has backlit modes, brown switches, and ergonomic design.

The extra benefit from this keyboard though is the keycap design. This design comes with the keyboard and is meant to register actions faster, maybe not by 25 percent like Logitech’s, but it would be faster than others on this list.


Get this keyboard.

7. NPET Floating Keyboard

For those looking for a budget option, we suggest looking NPET’s USB wired floating keyboard. It doesn’t float in the literal sense but rather has two legs at the bottom of the keyboard to adjust the height for you.

Beyond that, it offers LED backlighting that can be swapped into 4 unique modes, and UV coated keycaps.

Get this keyboard.

8. Klim Chroma

If you can’t be bothered about the wires, invest in a wireless mechanical keyboard. Out of the ones we’ve seen, Klim offers a high-quality keyboard.

Thanks to it being wireless, it can serve as a compact mechanical gaming keyboard. Gaming aside, it can also be great for those working at home since the keyboard itself has a lifetime of 10 billion keystrokes. In other words, it can last well into the next decade.

Get this keyboard.

9. Pictek Mechanical Keyboard


If you’re impressed by what Klim’s keyboard can do, another similar keyboard to look at is Pictek’s. Similarly, it boasts a 10 billion keystroke test. It’s also compatible with Windows and Mac.

Beyond that, there are the blue switches. They offer quicker and springier responses. They also come with a keycap puller for keycaps cleaning.

Get this keyboard.

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10. SteelSeries Apex Hybrid

The final of the best mechanical keyboards to consider is the SteelSeries Apex 5 Hybrid. The biggest selling point of this keyboard is the materials used to construct it.

It uses aircraft-grade aluminum alloy for the frame, making it highly durable. It also has a premium magnetic wrist rest for palm support and comfort.

Get this keyboard.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of considerations for keyboards out there, but one thing is for certain: when considering keyboards from this list, you know you’ll be getting some of the best around. They are highly durable and have been praised many times over as some of the best mechanical keyboards to invest in.

Tips on How to Type Faster

Featured photo credit: Zan via unsplash.com


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